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GM Asset Management

General Motors Manages Assets with Aerial Maps

Learn how remote access to cloud-based, high-resolution aerial content helps manage projects.

“In our Arlington, TX facility, we added 1.5M sq feet of space. Nearmap allowed us to watch this happen over time. Previously we would have had to organize and pay for 8 or 9 flights, and financially, it wasn’t doable.”

John BrownSupervisor MEI Reality Capture, GM
General Motors (GM) – headquartered in Detroit, Michigan – maintains 29 automobile assembly facilities throughout North America. GM relies on a range of technologies like drones and virtual walkthroughs to maintain a clear view into their portfolio of properties, but they were looking for a streamlined way to keep tabs on their assets.

The Challenge at a Glance

More Sustainable Solution

GM already had a LiDAR mapping program in place but the program was costly to maintain over time – around $1.6M across two years. Although the data gathered was effective, GM was expanding its plants rapidly, and existing maps were becoming out-of-date.

The Solution at a Glance

Accurate Aerial Data

High-resolution content offered by Nearmap was ideal for the needs of GM, and with updates that occur multiple times per year, the benefit of subscribing to a proactive capture program was made clear.

Business Impact

Reduced Cost and Time

Regular captures allowed the right teams to detect and respond to change as development moved toward completion, avoiding costly errors during the planning stage. Previously GM would rely on commissioned flyovers to monitor projects, but Nearmap helped to decrease costs and reduce the time required to initiate a standalone capture with continuous, cloud-based access to the latest aerial views.

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