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With over 11,400 unique km² captured each year — and up to 75% of the New Zealand population — Nearmap covers more ground, in more detail, every single day.
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Coverage facts and figures



of NZ population covered



ground sample distance (GSD)



square kilometres capture each year



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What does coverage mean?

It’s all the areas of the world where imagery and data are captured.

What we do

We capture the liveable world through vertical and AI. Giving you every perspective.

How we do it

All aerial imagery is captured with custom-built cameras attached to an aircraft — not satellites — which means you get much higher resolutions.

When we fly

We ensure that you're working with current ground truth by flying each area regularly. Dedicated teams work 24/7 to navigate factors like poor weather, clouds, and air traffic control.

New Zealand Coverage

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Nearmap’s coverage as displayed on the website is an approximate only. Nearmap does not guarantee that content of a particular location or geography will be available at any point in time or that its coverage is current, accurate, correct or reliable. The date, time and number of aerial surveys Nearmap conducts is subject to change without prior notice and is undertaken at Nearmap’s absolute discretion.
In-house innovation

Purpose-built camera tech. Next-level efficiency.

The proprietary HyperCamera system is the culmination of decades of R&D, incorporating AI, machine learning (ML) and computer vision (CV) tech. Use imagery, analytics, and predictive power to work faster and smarter.

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