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Aerial Imagery Preserves Community Spirit

From the annual Christmas parade to Covid-19 testing facilities, the City of Grapevine, Texas leverages high-resolution aerial imagery to keep the city moving.

"Nearmap has become our backbone and the starting point for everything our shop does. It’s way more powerful than Google and once people get a taste of it, they crave it and want more and more of it."

Betsi ChathamGIS Manager, Grapevine IT Department
Centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth, the City of Grapevine, Texas is home to more than 53,000 residents. The city has a small town feel, but with its recent surge in redevelopment and community celebrations, Grapevine has been dubbed the Christmas capital of Texas.

The Challenge at a glance

Capturing Change in Grapevine, Texas

In an average month, Betsi Chatham receives more than 50 map requests from city officials. These requests vary from maps showing parade routes to building and redevelopment projects, and even Covid-19 testing centers. Chatham had limited experience with aerial imagery due to budgetary restraints and the infrequent capture offered by traditional providers, but stated that “with Nearmap, we’re getting new image captures three times a year which enables us to be more accurate and to capture changes in near real time.”

The Solution at a glance

Keeping Community Events on the Calendar

While Nearmap has helped Grapevine city officials navigate Covid-19-related requests, Chatham and her team have been able to provide detailed maps for a variety of other uses too.
Like other city officials and volunteers, Chatham didn’t want the pandemic to interfere with Grapevine’s annual Christmas parade and said that “My team was able to help by using Nearmap to plan and share the parade route in a safe and socially distanced way”. Chatham was able to work with the Public Works Department to “plan the route, prepare for public safety and work with our marketing team to message the event out to the public”.
Chatham and her team were able to plan the route, right down to exact curb-to-curb measurements.

Business Impact

Priceless Investment

In an age where images are in higher demand, Chatham and her team have found Nearmap to be invaluable. For herself and her team, the biggest trend they see now is a greater reliance on aerial imagery; “For us, the aerial imagery Nearmap provides is priceless”, says Chatham, “when I talk to colleagues and peers in other cities, I tell them all the time, ‘don’t be a fool, get Nearmap.’”

Work with Higher Quality

Nearmap Vertical Imagery allows you to access current, high-resolution aerial imagery without having to be there on the ground.

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