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Construction Monitoring

Using Aerial Imagery to Monitor and Plan

The City of Eastvale, California gained $3M annual revenue using Nearmap to help monitor construction and development.

"Every team within our Community Development Department—which includes Community Enhancement and Safety, Public Works, Engineering, Building and Safety, Planning—all use Nearmap on a daily basis."

Miguel Ramirez-CornejoEconomic Development Senior Management Analyst, City of Eastvale
Incorporated in October 2010, the City of Eastvale, California began developing ex-dairy farming land to create a new, livable city for 73,000+ residents. The city’s Community Development Department relies on Nearmap imagery to make informed construction decisions.

The Challenge at a Glance

Outdated Imagery Hampered Decisions

Faced with planning and designing a new city, and attracting businesses to boost the economy, the Eastvale Community Development Department needed up-to-date imagery to drive smart decision-making. Previously relying on commercially available aerial maps that were up to four years out of date, the city couldn’t tell an accurate story of its development and construction.

The Solution at a Glance

Improved Development Outcomes

When the City of Eastvale began working with high-resolution, frequently updated aerial imagery and 3D reality models from Nearmap, they were able to attract more profitable developments and tenants. This helped to deliver financial returns while providing residents with high quality services and amenities. With staff of just over 30 to service 73,000 residents, the department needed a solution that would help the team work more efficiently to make smart planning decisions – faster.

Business Impact

$3M Annual Revenue Recovery

Each year, the City of Eastvale was losing $73M in revenue, as residents would travel out of the city due to a lack of choice in restaurants and entertainment. By using Nearmap imagery as part of the development planning process, the city has attracted new, higher-calibre businesses, reversing the exodus to regain $3M of lost revenue in 12 months. Potential developers and tenants can inspect sites and visualise projects remotely, enabling the department’s staff and external contacts to work safely and efficiently throughout the global pandemic.

Work With a Clearer View

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