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Nearmap on OpenSolar

Power Meets Accuracy with Nearmap on OpenSolar

Combine world-class solar estimation tools with the industry's best aerial imagery, geospatial tools and automated property and roofing insights.

See Clearly, Plan Easily, Sell Simply

Premium imagery helps you see what you need to see. Get instant access to all current imagery and historical aerials, accurately georeferenced to show you truth over time. Nearmap captures leaf-off and leaf-on aerial photos so you have greater context in designing a solar solution.

residential solar panels, Werribee, VIC, 2019 Oct 01
Werribee, VIC, AU


Access to vertical and oblique imagery from Nearmap helps you see with better clarity the varied angles of your customers' rooftops. Whether residential or commercial, you'll be able to trust the accuracy of the view you've selected.

System Design, Nearmap on OpenSolar

Create compelling proposals

With the interactive design features in OpenSolar, combined with Nearmap's premium imagery, create stunning proposals to win over your customers. Showcase a final design alongside the financial benefits of installing solar panels to drive your company sales forward.

Brighten your Brand

Personalise your proposals and templates so your brand shines. Choose your preferred equipment (modules, inverters, batteries) and configure your pricing models to ensure you get off on the right foot with your customers.

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on demand mobility

The intuitive and powerful SolarTouch design gives you greater control of your solar calculations and works on any device, allowing you the ability to create on-the-go. Calculate accurate roof slope and azimuth with Nearmap high-res oblique imagery and design multiple options to wow your customer.

a total crm and design tool

No need to go searching for your latest projects. Keep track of your proposals and projects all in one place and start a new project with just an address. Nurture your customer relationships with a single click to call/text/email for follow up.

Solar roof images for measurement and installation
Bracken Ridge, QLD, AU

Nearmap on OpenSolar: Specifications

For additional information, including full technical specifications, download the Nearmap on OpenSolar product brief.

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Perth, Western Australia aerial maps
Measurable Obliques

Get a reality check with Measurable Obliques

Oblique aerial imagery is the perfect complement to 3D, with accurate 3D area measurements and source photos from multiple directional perspectives. 

Discover Measurable Obliques

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nearmap on OpenSolar?

    Nearmap on OpenSolar is an end-to-end design and sales toolkit that makes communicating the value of solar easy with accurate, beautiful designs supported by premium imagery.

  • How does the OpenSolar tool work with Nearmap imagery?

    Nearmap imagery is built into the OpenSolar platform, so you'll get access to our full library of frequently updated Vertical and Oblique imagery, according to what your Nearmap subscription includes. All you need is an address to get started, and you can select the aerial view that best meets your needs

  • What design features are included in OpenSolar?

    With a complete end-to-end solar sales toolkit, you’ll get a multitude of features to design a system up to 1MW, roughly 3,000 panels. In putting together a quote for a customer, simply add panels to a roof, set azimuth/slope, add shading percentages, include/exclude batteries and inverters, and more. [JR1] On the back end, you can customise your own equipment catalogue with product and pricing modules. The opportunities are endless, and the best way to get the full run down is to chat with one of our representatives. Please contact us here for more details!

  • Can I add my own company branding to the tool?

    Yes! One of the best features of the tool is the ability for you to bring your brand in focus and shine for your customers. You can create your own proposal templates, customised with your brand and color choices. You can also personalise content such as introductory letters, testimonials, and input your own company description. When you present a proposal to a customer, it will showcase you and your company, front and center.

  • Am I able to generate multiple proposals using Nearmap on OpenSolar?

    Often when you are in front of a customer, they want to see the financials for different system solutions or what energy savings they get for different panel layouts. A benefit of the tool is you can design multiple solutions in a single proposal—all interactive—to share with your customer to help them see the value that solar will bring to them.

  • I'm on the go quite frequently. Is Nearmap on OpenSolar mobile friendly?

    We know you are busy and so much of your time is spent getting in front of customers and working to win contracts. The beauty of Nearmap on OpenSolar is its SolarTouch design, meaning it was made for busy solar companies constantly on the go. You can design, sell, close and manage your customers from any device.

  • Am I able to view all my projects/proposals in one place?

    Yes, in fact, the first thing you see once you log into OpenSolar is a list of all the proposals you have created in Projects. This quick visibility to everything you’ve created means within a few seconds, you can easily search for and access any proposal in an instant.

  • Does OpenSolar have energy savings calculations?

    Yes, and it’s easily viewed in the MyEnergy tab within OpenSolar as part of a completed proposal for a customer, showcasing the lifetime savings and ROI solar offers, providing a clear understanding of the environmental and financial impact to get them to buy.

  • Is it easy to follow up with my customer within the tool?

    Absolutely. The lightweight CRM of Nearmap on OpenSolar gives you the ability to track your entire customer journey which results in greater efficiency in following up. You can contact your customer with one click and send a text, an email, or start a phone conversation. You’ll also be able to see the history of the contacts with your customers for better lead tracking.

  • What if I have any issues with the tool? Who do I contact?

    Nearmap on OpenSolar is a fully supported tool. Should you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.

  • How do I get started using Nearmap on OpenSolar?

    Please get in touch with a Nearmap Account Representative who will be happy and able to assist: 02 8076 0700. Want information now? Check out our Help Centre to explore further documentation for Nearmap on OpenSolar.

  • I'm an existing Nearmap Solar customer. How is Nearmap on OpenSolar different?

    There are many features that help enhance your experience in planning, designing, and selling solar systems to your prospects. What's different?

     - Multiple panels per proposal

     - Design up to 1MW system (3000 panels compared to 1000 in current solar solution)

     - Identify & mark roof obstructions

     - Insert tilt racks/setbacks as well as batteries/inverters

     - Autostringing of panels

     - Enhanced gap settings for panel design

     - Azimuth/slope calculations

     - Our oblique imagery for beautiful and more accurate proposals

     - White lable product for customised branding

    And many more! To find out more,  reach out to your account manager.. Not sure who your account manager is? Contact and we'll connect you.

Learn More About Nearmap on OpenSolar

Get a live demo of Nearmap on OpenSolar to see how the most frequent, HD solar imagery works within the industry's best free set of estimating tools.