aerial image of property in queenstown-- 17 March 2019

Be There Now with a Clear Aerial View of Property

Showcase properties with stunning, high resolution aerial property maps. Conduct research remotely to assess current and prospective property assets from a crystal-clear, top-down aerial view.

17 March 2019 | Queenstown, Otago

Keep Tabs on Current Assets, View Prospective Properties, and Discover Emerging Markets

Constantly on the road, working out of your car? Settle back into your real office. Evaluate prospective properties, maintain existing assets, and sell more effectively with beautiful, clear, current aerial imagery of urban New Zealand that's accessible anywhere, anytime. 

aerial image of orewa college in auckland-- 2 March 2019
02 March 2019 | Auckland, AKL


Understand property context by measuring the distance to nearby schools, transit, shopping, hospitals, or other amenities. 

Explore seasonal differences, and monitor changes to the surroundings. 

Screen undesirable properties remotely so you don’t waste time on costly in-person evaluations.

aerial image of canal neighbourhood in whangarei-- 1 May 2019
01 May 2019 | Whangarei, WHG


Export high-res imagery of your properties to show them at their best.

Educate the customer with accurate aerial views of your properties that are far more current and clear than satellite imaging maps.

aerial image of housing development progress inauckland-- 5 January 2017
2017-2019 | Auckland Central, AKL

Track Urban Growth Trends

With 3 years of historical imagery, track changes over time and identify high-growth areas and opportunities. 

Track new housing or infrastructure developments that may impact your portfolio. 

aerial image of urban growth in tauranga-- 7 January 2019
07 January 2019 | Tauranga, Bay of Plenty


Assess the need for capital improvements, and inspect damage or weather-related outcomes.

Track the progress of nearby developments and other events that may influence property value. 

aerial, waterhome, point cook, VIC, 7 April 2019
Customer Story

Perfecting remote appraisal with accurate imagery tools

Nearmap saves Mike Stone Associates, a property asset management and consulting firm, significant time and money on site visits and crew dispatch. With Nearmap, they can perform site surveying and measurement accurately, without leaving the office.

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aerial image of coloured housing rooves in auckland-- 4 February 2019
04 February 2019 | Auckland, AKL

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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