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Growing project backlogs lead to strained resources and overworked staff. Site intelligence from Nearmap helps firms make better go/no-go decisions, reduce project overhead, and increase proposal win rates.

Increase your proposal win rate, not your overhead costs

Nobody looks forward to preparing proposals. They’re a lot of work for something you might not win.

Winning more work is why 40 of the top 50 U.S. firms rely on Nearmap. Our site intelligence helps them make better go/no-go decisions and increase proposal efficiency by decreasing the time and costs it takes to complete them.

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Nearmap image quality from tile to tile is so consistent and current that our team can produce beautiful and accurate models for our clients with a lot less work.
James Pageau, Senior Media Design Leader, HNTB

Win More Work with Accurate Data

Poor data collected from free or outdated resources leads to poor planning and costly rework. We proactively survey the U.S. up to 3x annually to ensure that your proposed designs, timelines, and cost estimates are created around existing ground truth.

Further, we capture project sites in sub-7 cm resolution, making it easy to create stunning proposals with a lot less work.

Win More Work with Accurate Data
Win More Work with Less Overhead

Win More Work with Less Overhead

Creating a winning proposal isn’t cheap, which is why it’s important that firms find ways to increase efficiency without risking costly oversight.

On-demand access to location intelligence makes it possible to slash your time and spend on non-billable preliminary work without sacrificing the accuracy or quality of your proposals.

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Nearmap gives us high-resolution imagery 2-3 times a year, it decreases our costs, and reduces our effort to get approvals. It increases our efficiency, which is what we're about here at Walbridge.
John Jurewicz, Director of Innovation, Walbridge
Win More Work without the Rework

Win More Work without the Rework

Inaccurate data results in inaccurate proposed project scopes, timelines, and budget estimates. Precise data can save firms from taking a hit to their bottom line (and reputation) by reducing avoidable project delays caused by design rework.

Nearmap Products

Our site intelligence provides current captures — complete with orthographic, panoramic, and 3D views — in leading resolution. This enables firms to accurately measure slopes, evaluate building footprints, calculate site dimensions, and examine site surroundings without costly in-person visits.

These insights are available when and where you need them, so your team can confidently prepare accurate, winning proposals in less time, using fewer resources.

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Historical aerial images and data for construction in Las Vegas, Nevada

Win More Work with Innovation

Every firm is dealing with stretched resources, but that doesn’t mean your challenges aren’t unique. That’s why we created an agile solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, helping you optimize your planning, design, and asset management platforms with up-to-date ground truth in a format that your team already knows how to use.

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Win More Work with Innvovation
Nearmap adds value to the bottom line of how we present in the public eye. We can use it across multiple platforms. We use it in our ArcGIS and AutoCAD platforms. We plug it into reports, presentations, and PDF format. The clarity is outstanding.
Michael Fabbiano, Vice President, Highpoint Engineering
Win More Work with Nearmap

Win More Work with Nearmap

Our location intelligence captures over 1,740 urban areas up to 3x per year, providing comprehensive ground truth for millions of sites nationwide. The ability to access current data from any connected device will help your firm reduce overhead costs — while our high-resolution 2D and 3D imagery will help you create winning proposals that wow project stakeholders and truly capture your vision.

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Nearmap was intended to be used as needed but it has turned into the only source we use now.
Dave Walters, GIS Manager, CBBEL
Insurance property intelligence AI data
Palos Verdes, CA, U.S.

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