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Feb 2020 | New York, NY
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Welcome to Nearmap Support

Our goal is to help you be successful in using Nearmap technology and to make sure that you have an amazing customer experience.

Our support offices are open during the following hours:
9am - 5pm AEDT (Australia)

9am - 5pm MST (U.S.)

Please use the form on this page to submit your support request.

How to Submit a Support Ticket to Nearmap:
When submitting a support request, please make sure to include the following information:

  1.  Priority of your request:
    • High - A critical production issue affecting all users with no workaround available.
    • Medium - A technical issue affecting some but not all users. 
      A workaround may be available. 
    • Low - A normal technical issue where a workaround may be available. Or an information request about Nearmap capabilities or functionality.
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue in Nearmap
  3. The version of MapBrowser you are using –  New MapBrowser  or Classic MapBrowser
  4. If experiencing a UI (user interface) issue, please try clearing your browser cache and cookies before contacting us.
  5. If it's an API issue, please include the API URL you are using (without your API Key information)
  6. If experiencing an integration issue, please tell us which third-party software you are using (including version).

Once your issue has been submitted, Nearmap Support will investigate and respond as soon as possible during business hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I subscribe to Nearmap?

    Our specialists are standing by to assist you. Simply submit the form above or give us a call and we'll provide an obligation-free quote tailored just for your business needs.

  • How is data usage calculated?

    Within MapBrowser, data is consumed when new tiles are downloaded from Nearmap's servers. For more details, check out this article in our Knowledge Hub:

  • When will you next capture my location?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide capture dates in advance. A number of factors prevent us from being able to do this, such as Air Traffic Control restrictions & atmospheric conditions at the time(s) we wish to capture. Should you wish to be notified as soon as your location of interest has been updated, you can add it to your Watchlist. We will then notify you via email once this area has been captured (provided that you allow email notifications). More information can be found on our Knowledge Hub:

  • I need to update my billing information. How do I do this?

    This information is only available to account administrators. If you are an administrator, log into your Nearmap account and click My Profile > Account > Billing. On this screen you can update or add credit card details. For anything else, please email

  • How can I contact Nearmap?

    Please complete the form on this page and a Nearmap team member will get in touch.

  • I wish to use an API key, but it says "your account is not set up to use API keys." What do I do now?

    In order to access Nearmap imagery with an API key, you must first set up an API application. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please head to our Knowledge Hub: Please note that only Nearmap account administrators have the ability to create & manage API applications.

  • I recently joined my business as an employee, and need access to Nearmap. How do I get access?

    You will need to speak to the administrator for your Nearmap account. This is a person (or department) within your organization who controls which employees are granted access to Nearmap and our services. If you are unsure as to who this person is, please contact your line management/IT department/finance department — these are common areas within organizations that control third-party services and subscriptions like Nearmap.

  • Do you have some examples of cool things you’ve captured?

    Check out our curated aerial photos of Australia, New Zealand, and the US on our Instagram. Become part of the Nearmap community! 

  • Can I try before I buy?

    Contact us any time for a free demo.

  • How can I get notified when my area of interest has fresh imagery?

    Get notified by email as soon as your location of interest has been updated by adding it to your Watchlist

  • Can I integrate Nearmap imagery into third-party apps?

    Your Nearmap subscription gives you access to the full suite of Nearmap APIs, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our imagery into GIS, CAD, and proprietary software applications. Learn more about the Nearmap APIs and integrations.

  • How accurate is your imagery?

    Our latest camera systems capture Vertical (orthogonal) imagery with a ground sampling distance (GSD) of 5.6cm (2.2”) and an absolute horizontal accuracy of 21.9cm (8.6”) RMSEr. In aerial mapping applications, the ground sampling distance (GSD) represents the distance, measured on the ground, between the centers of two adjacent pixels within a digital image. For example, an image with 5cm/pixel GSD means the locations of two consecutive pixels are 5cm apart on the ground.

    For more about our accuracy, check out our Knowledge Hub:

  • How do I add Obliques and/or 3D to my Nearmap subscription?

    You can easily add Obliques and/or 3D to your existing Nearmap package by contacting your account manager. 

  • Why haven't you captured my area of interest recently?

    If we haven't captured an area that was due for a capture, it’s usually because all prerequisites for a successful survey were not met.

    We take photos from moving airplanes up to 18,000 feet above the ground (that's 5.5 km, or 3.4 miles) and capture imagery down to a resolution of 5.8cm (2.3"). These altitudes are part of how we capture Nearmap imagery at such a large and global scale; however, this also means that many conditions need to align before a survey can be completed successfully. Fail to meet one condition, and the survey cannot be taken.

    Conditions that we need for collection:

    Clear Skies No low overcast clouds or unavoidable clouds obscuring land features.

    Good sun angle Higher sun angles reduce shadowing. We aim to collect when the sun is over 30 degrees above the horizon. This window of collection varies depending on latitude and season; there are some places where the sun never makes it above 30 degrees for large portions of the year.

    Good visibility No fog, haze, or smoke obscuring land features.

    No ground obstructions No snow or standing water should be present, as it reduces the interpretability of the features underneath.

    Air Traffic Control clearance Some areas require the pilots to get approval to enter the airspace. If ATC denies clearance, then we do our best to find an alternate area to work on, but,sometimes this can bring us to a halt.

    Low Turbulence Some conditions are not visible from the ground, and turbulence at altitude can be one of these. Our systems are designed to handle a certain level of turbulence, but there can be a point where it is unsafe to fly or it is beyond the capability of our camera system to handle.

    Aircraft availability Delays in capture for one region can cause flow-on effects for other regions as aircraft wait for conditions to improve sufficiently to perform a successful survey.

    No NOTAMs Notice to Airmen are issued for various reasons and can affect the flying of a survey on a particular day. Reasons could include events such as air shows, flights by heads of state, or military exercises.