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Our Favorite 3D Visualization Projects Brought to Life

A picture’s worth a thousand words — so employing the use of strong visual elements in your project planning process is a logical choice. One of the best ways to streng... Read more

A message from the CEO: Nearmap Update on Thoma Bravo

The Nearmap Board has unanimously recommended a proposal from software investment firm, Thoma Bravo, to acquire 100 percent of Nearmap. The offer from Thoma Bravo demonstrates the ... Read more

The Next Generation of Aerial Data with Nearmap AI

Nearmap AI provides unprecedented parcel and property insights to improve decision making and accelerate workflows. Prefill forms, improve underwriting and risk models, and monitor... Read more

Fire Safety Inspection with Aerial Surveys

With the climate and environment around us rapidly changing, it has never been more important to enact strict and thorough fire safety inspections on development sites. It can be a... Read more

Growing the Solar Industry through Aerial Intelligence

Access to energy is fundamental to an operational society. However, producing enough energy to fuel our growing population takes its toll on the environment. Combating our carbon f... Read more

Reduce Rework on your Designs with Aerial Photogrammetry...

Is my firm as efficient as possible in design process? Am I missing relevant project data? Do you have any of these questions for your next design project? If you do, you are not... Read more

Aerial View City Profile: Austin, TX

There’s no doubt, Austin is one of Texas’ largest — and fastest growing — cities. Austin was recently named the most rapidly growing large city within the... Read more

Mapping New Infrastructure with 3D Aerial Data

Mapping new infrastructure is easy when you can pan, zoom, rotate and tilt 3D models, and take height, pitch and length measurements. With the ability to simply export 3D content f... Read more

Alpha Programs: Customer-centric Product Development

Whenever you use any Nearmap product or our web-based app, MapBrowser, you’re experiencing the end result of the in-depth customer-centric product development that applies to... Read more