Oblique aerial image of Kauffman Centre for Performing Arts, Kansas City, Missouri
Nearmap Oblique

Oblique Aerial Imagery: Your Bird's Eye View

View reality from multiple directional perspectives, with advanced tools for remote measurement and analysis.

Feb 2020 | Kansas City, MO

Multiple perspectives give you the full story

Freely explore your work site or property as though you were right there on the ground. With a gallery of high resolution source photos showing your location from multiple directions, measurable oblique imagery lets you measure height, pitch, and area to enrich your existing site imagery and better contextualize your environment.

Construction oblique with measurable assets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 2020 | Philadelphia, PA, U.S.

Measure height, width, and surface area

Aerial measurement allows you to confidently assess building height and width to identify safety, compliance, and structural requirements — and avoid costly rework.

Oblique measurement product on roofing in Leesburg, Virginia
Feb 2020 | Leesburg, VA

Nail roof pitch and area

Use our accurate roof pitch calculator to remotely gather roof pitch and area measurements. Estimate the materials and resources to get the job done right, without wasting time and money on site visits.

Oblique aerial product image of construction site in Hercules, California
Apr 2020 | Hercules, CA


Oblique aerial imagery gives you a natural, on-the-ground perspective. No need to worry about tree cover or tall buildings blocking your view.

Oblique aerial product image of Monument Circle in Indianapolis
Apr 2020 | Indianapolis, IN

Get the complete view of major U.S. cities

Measurable Obliques are now online for over 500 urban areas across the U.S. For full coverage information, including capture frequency, view our Obliques coverage map. 

Learn about coverage


View more perspectives in ArcGIS using current, crystal-clear oblique imagery from Nearmap. Discover how using consistent, reliable aerial content helps optimize your location-based analyses.

Oblique photo, The Space Needle, Seattle WA -- 11 July 2018
3D Textured Mesh view, Seattle WA -- 24 June 2017
Nearmap 3D

Start visualizing your Projects in 3D

Discover on-demand viewing and data export for 3D textured mesh, DSM, true ortho, and point cloud — with wide-scale, frequently updated coverage of major U.S. cities.

Discover Nearmap 3D
Geospatial data satellite aerial maps in Canada
Aug 2021 | Winnipeg, MB, CA

See Without Limits

With every dimension of location intelligence at your fingertips, Nearmap transports you to your property or project — from anywhere.

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