Oblique aerial view, Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta GA -- 9 January 2019

Government Services Require the Latest Aerial Maps

You’re constantly tasked to do more with less, as budgetary constraints compete for priority. The best aerial imagery multiplies your time and extends budget value in ways that current satellite images can’t.

09 January 2019 | Atlanta, GA

Deliver for Your Constituents

Local Departments:

Been searching for better aerial images than the latest free satellite maps? They exist — just closer to Earth. With Nearmap, you can view crisp detail and accurately measure features remotely. That means fewer field inspections, reduced risk, and more time to focus on priorities.

Imagine what’s possible with frequently updated imagery captured multiple times per year. Remotely monitor progress, and detect what’s changed over time. Don't stake your success on a satellite view map that may be obsolete; get the accuracy and confidence that only the latest aerial maps can provide.

East oblique view of properties, Warwick, RI -- 2 April 2019 Oblique Aerial Property View, Warwick RI

Property Appraisal

Remote property assessment is now a reality. Multiple captures per year tell the story of what’s been built, installed, or demolished.

  • View change over time, and determine taxable activity.
  • Accurately measure area, height, and radius.
  • Shorten inquiries and appeals to keep your time productive.

Public Safety

Safely route police, fire, and emergency response teams. And when on site, coordinate actions on the ground with current imagery.

  • Research and anticipate hotspots or areas of concern.
  • Actively plan and update emergency routes and contingencies.
  • Provide first responders with timely, up-to-date location intel.
Aerial view, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK -- 24 November 2018 Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK
Overhead view, community development, Garner NC -- 30 January 2019 Community Development, Garner NC

Urban Planning

There's no such thing as a clear satellite view. With current aerial maps, you can be everwhere (in high resolution) without going anywhere.

  • Monitor growth over time with current and historical imagery.
  • Swiftly view property context and examine the big picture.
  • Measure proximity to existing infrastructure or utilities.

Public Works

You need current information, but the most recent satellite map could be years old. Nearmap captures multiple surveys per year.

  • Monitor stormwater runoff and containment over time.
  • Accurately plan city capital improvement projects.
  • Optimize sanitation logistics with clear, current imagery.
Overhead view, stormwater management, East Hartford, CT -- 1 April 2019 Stormwater Management, East Hartford, CT
Aerial view of Northside Elementary School, Clinton MS -- 20 April 2019
20 April 2019 | Clinton, MS

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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