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Easier Being Green with Machine Learning

City of Ryde uses historic aerial imagery and ML to benchmark the area’s tree canopy coverage.

18 April 2020 | Ryde, NSW
Not only do we have the up-to-date aerial imagery, we also gained access to the Nearmap catalogue of historical imagery and it’s all been captured using the same method, so it is consistent, which is perfect for analysis.
Lindsay Mason, head of the Land Information team at the City of Ryde

Measuring Tree Canopy Change Helps City of Ryde Manage Precious Green Space

The first goal was to measure tree canopy coverage across the area. Then this local government realized there was 10+ years of consistent, high-quality historic Nearmap imagery, right at their fingertips.

The Challenge at a glance

Supporting the Organizations Experts with Consistent, High-Quality Data

Protecting and enhancing Ryde’s natural and urban environments, calls for a quantifiable approach, such as creating a benchmark for the tree canopy across the entire Local Government Area.

Buffalo Creek, City of Ryde image
Memorial Park, City of Ryde images
The Solution at a glance:

High-Quality Historic Imagery & Machine Learning

Measuring what’s there now is only part of the story. Reliable benchmarks comprise of consistent, quality findings.

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18 April 2020 | Ryde, NSW


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