Brighton Beach railway station, Stringham line, Brighton, Vic

Managing Rail Incident Responses Remotely

Get to know how Metro Trains Melbourne keep their network moving with Nearmap.

21 April 2020 | Brighton, Vic


With rail tracks spanning over 560 mi and over 200 6-car train sets, Nearmap provides Metro Trains with ready-to-go aerial imagery for responding to incidents that may be reported anywhere across the rail network.

The Challenge at a glance


The network control centre at Metro Trains oversees the entire metropolitan network in Greater Melbourne; responsible for transporting 450,000 passengers daily.  

On any given weekday, there are up to 200 incidents ranging from a short delay to an accident or major incident. 

Metro Trains aims to provide a seamless transport solution to keep these passengers connected.

Southern Cross railway station, Melbourne, Vic Southern Cross railway station, Melbourne, Vic
Metro Trains railway in Carrum, Vic Metro Trains railway in Carrum, Vic
The Solution at a glance: Chicago Police Department


Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery enables Metro Trains to conduct daily remote site inspections on its entire rail network to identify potential disruptions or incidents.

With the added complexity of a fast-changing urban environment, Metro Trains uses up-to-date aerial imagery from Nearmap to view road changes, access points and current building and construction near tracks and stations.

In a recent incident, a kangaroo was stuck in the rail corridor near Sandown Park and police were sent to sort it out – actions that saved the animal’s life.

Vertical view of Dunedin railway in New Zealand
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