Oblique aerial imagery of beachfront neighborhood in Coogee, WA - 22 Dec. 2018

Legal: Product-Specific Terms

22 December 2018 | North Coogee, WA

Product-Specific Terms




1. The Licensee's usage of the ArcGIS Integration will be counted towards the Licensee's total Periodic Data Allowance. Please ensure that you have sufficient Periodic Data Allowance to meet your requirements with ArcGIS Integration to avoid restrictions being placed with your subscription

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1. Survey - During the Term, the Licensee may request a survey of an area which is not covered (in its entirety or in part) by the Coverage Area ("Survey"). The Licensee must provide a detailed description of the area which is to be covered by the Survey. Upon receipt of such a request in writing, Nearmap may, in its absolute discretion, agree to provide the Survey to the Licensee.

2. AOI - The Survey will only be carried out for the area of interest ("AOI") as attached to the relevant Quote issued for the Nearmap Now Product.  

3. Delivery of Survey - Subject to clause 1 of these Product-Specific Terms and clause 12 (Force Majeure clause) of the agreement, Nearmap will deliver the Survey to the Licensee by uploading the Survey to the Website within six (6) months of the date on which Nearmap receives payment of the Survey Fee in full from the Licensee. Nearmap will notify the Licensee in writing once the Survey has been uploaded to the Website.

4. Availability to other Nearmap customers - Nearmap may, at its absolute discretion, allow other customers of Nearmap to access the Survey on the Website.

5. Refund of Survey Fee - If the Licensee is not in breach of the Agreement and Nearmap elects to terminate the Agreement under clause 6.3 (Termination by Nearmap clause) prior to delivery of the Survey, Nearmap will refund the Survey Fee to the Licensee.


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