Mr Peter James

Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Peter has extensive experience as Chair, Non-executive Director and Chief Executive Officer across a range of publicly listed and private companies, particularly in emerging technologies and e-commerce.

Previously among other roles, Mr James was a long term Director of iiNet, chairing iiNet’s Strategy and Innovation Committee. He is a successful investor in digital media and technology businesses in Australia and the US and travels extensively in reviewing innovation and consumer trends globally.

Peter is an experienced and successful business leader with significant strategic and operational expertise. He brings a strong record of corporate governance and stakeholder communication and is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

Peter holds a BA degree with majors in Business and Computer Science.

Special duties

Member of the People, Culture and Remuneration Committee

Member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee

Current ASX listed company directorships

Nearmap Ltd (since 21 December 2015) - Independent Non-executive Chairman

Macquarie Telecom Ltd (ASX: MAQ) (since 2 April 2012) - Non-executive Chairman

Droneshield Limited (ASX: DRO) (since 1 April 2016) - Non-executive Chairman

UUV Aquabotix Ltd (ASX: UUV) (since 9 March 2017) - Non-execuive Chairman

Keytone Dairy Corporation Limited (ASZ: KTD) (since 25 September 2018) - Non-exectuive Director

Former ASX listed company directorships in the last 3 years

Dreamscape Networks Limited (ASX: DN8) (since 16 September 2016) - Non-executive Chairman