Geospatial data aerial maps in St. Paul, Minnesota
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Sky Views Help Keep Tabs on Built Environments

Ramsey County, Minnesota is using aerial imagery to improve day-to-day operations.

Sep 2020 | St Paul, MN, US
The quality of Nearmap’s imagery, combined with its updates occurring more than once per year are of enormous benefit to a variety of our uses and applications.
Geoff Maas, Geospatial Business Analyst, Ramsey County
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Ramsey County is the smallest by area in Minnesota; yet it’s the second largest in population with over half a million residents. Centered in St Paul—Minnesota’s second largest city—Ramsey County is largely developed and urbanised.

The Challenge at a glance

Consistency is Key

Like other counties, Ramsey has many government departments, including public works, parks and recreation, environmental service, assessors office and emergency communications. All of these departments are developing an increasing appetite for consistent aerial imagery as past solutions were relying on imagery from a variety of sources.

Updated aerial map images of construction in White Bear Lake, Minnesota Apr 2020 | White Bear Lake, MN, US
Aerial images to monitor construction project sites Apr 2020 | St Paul, MN, US
The Solution at a glance

Providing Insight into the Bigger Picture

Maas says the various tools and functionality offered by Nearmap are of enormous practical use for day-to-day work. One example includes leveraging the continually updated imagery in Nearmap to improve maps and enhance staff’s knowledge of parking lots, building footprints and fixture locations. This aids in a range of work from property valuation in our assessor’s office to our emergency communications staff who need up-to-date information on everything from roadway alignments to new telecommunication tower locations.

Business Impact

Keep the Workforce Moving Forward

Ramsey County GIS staff and users integrate Nearmap imagery into commercial GIS software such as Esri’s ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123, but Maas indicated that Nearmap as a stand-alone application was becoming popular. “The ease-of-use of the various tools built into Nearmap is consistently a big plus, particularly the navigation, the tools for measurement and area calculation; it is really easy and intuitive for someone with literally no training or experience in GIS to log on and within minutes be able to make use of the tools, this has been really helpful."

Ramsey County is effectively leveraging the quality imagery, ease of use and increased efficiency provided by the Nearmap platform to conduct its business and to enhance the lives of the county’s residents.

Measurable aerial maps with geospatial data in Minnesota Sep 2020 | St Paul, MN, US
Geospatial data aerial map of Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota
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Sep 2020 | St Paul, MN, US

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