Aerial view, high-end solar homes, Milpitas CA -- 2 June 2019

Momentum Solar: Prospecting at the Speed of Light

Nearmap high resolution aerial maps cut proposal lead time from two weeks to two days and help qualify nearly double the homes in the same amount of time.

02 June 2019 | Milpitas, CA
With Nearmap, all the necessary information is in one easy-to-use program. We can decide if the property is suitable for solar within two to three minutes. The high resolution captures reveal roof space, shading, and any obstructions so we can make accurate, timely assessments.
James Kennedy, Program Manager, Sales Proposal Development at Momentum Solar
Momentum Solar has helped build the solar community since 2009. Initially serving clients throughout New Jersey, Momentum Solar is rapidly expanding its business nationwide. To accomplish this, Momentum utilizes aerial imagery to accelerate the process of assessment and solar panel design and installation.
Their Challenge

Simplify Operations & Get Seasonal Context

Previously, Momentum Solar used satellite imagery from multiple sources to assess or qualify houses and duplexes for solar panels. In addition, they were using a completely different software program to mock up solar designs.

Aside from being frustrated with the inefficiency inherent in switching between multiple imagery sources, the Momentum team had no reliable way of viewing the same property across seasons. This made it difficult to accurately qualify a house before sending a technician for an on-site assessment. For instance, if a satellite image of a home was taken in winter, there was no way of knowing whether spring and summer leaves would block too much of a roof to make solar a viable option for the customer.

Solar neighborhood view, Chula Vista, CA -- 12 September 2018 Solar Neighborhood, Chula Vista, CA
High-res oblique aerial view for residential solar quoting - Trenton, NJ - 13 March 2019 Residential Solar, Trenton NJ
Their Solution

Consolidated Imagery Sources & Platforms

Implementing Nearmap has accelerated and improved Momentum Solar's operations in multiple ways. The accuracy and timeliness of images allows Momentum to have faster and more accurate assessments, providing time for more appointments. Images of the property from past surveys give a complete view of the property for even more accurate assessments. The all-in-one solution further speeds up the process and allows technicians to show customers final results virtually before the first panel is placed.

Business Impact

Faster Business Operations Before Nearmap, Momentum required almost two weeks before technicians could get a quote to a customer. With Nearmap, they cut the average lead time down to two days. With the accuracy and timeliness of Nearmap imagery, Momentum qualifies 1,000 to 3,000 homes each week, a significant jump from its previous volume. 

More Accurate Qualification Nearmap gives Momentum an advantage in the ability to see both current and historical images of a property. Bare trees pose no problem to solar panels in the winter, but when the trees are in full bloom during spring and summer they can create enough shade to disqualify a home. Using Nearmap, Momentum can instantly switch between current and previous captures for more precise qualification and design.

Improved Service Nearmap's high resolution aerial maps provide accurate measurements, allowing Momentum to better plan and visualize where solar panels can be placed on a roof. And, without the need to toggle between software programs to visualize panel placement, Momentum can create a panel placement proposal in 5-7 minutes — a task that previously took 15-20 minutes. Nearmap makes it easy for Momentum to show its customers exactly what the final results will look like, and quickly make any necessary adjustments.

North oblique view, Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh PA -- 12 March 2019 Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh PA
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HD aerial photos for solar prospecting - Surprise, AZ - captured 30 May 2019
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